Lise Leroux

Writing is like parachuting into your own wedding. Seems like a good idea at the time, but sometimes you can land where you don’t expect.

French Canadian Lise’s first book, One Hand Clapping, was published by Viking Penguin UK and nominated for the Orange Prize for Fiction that year. It was also published by Uitgeverij Arbeiderspers (Netherlands). She had a radio play broadcast by the BBC and a chapter in an anthology entitled I in the Sky: Visions of the Information Future.

ONE HAND CLAPPING … is “involved, exuberant … and written with imaginative force.”
-- The Times

“This magical and disturbing look into the future of
love and science signals the arrival of a truly
original and compelling writer.” 
-- Diane Johnson, author of “Le Divorce.”
(Pulitzer Prize / National Award Finalist)

Needing to avoid power lines and pointy trees during that wedding parachute jump, Lise changed direction and aimed for the next field. After almost flattening a disgruntled sheep, she discovered that landing in s**t at her own wedding was not a good omen. After six hundred jumps and competing in international formation competitions, she left both sheep and husband and ran away to sea. Working on cruise ships circumnavigating the globe, she eventually landed in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire and discovered the collaborative, creative and adrenaline-filled aspects of writing for the stage.

After completing another book and eight-episode TV drama entitled FALL BACK UP, Lise is now working on her first full length play.