"Involved ... exuberant ... an ambitious fantasy written with self-confidence and imaginative force. Quirky, grotesque, even perverse. But then, what do you expect from a novel about love, loss and genetic engineering, which is dedicated to a mouse?"

The Times

"Leroux's imagination is huge; her skill in marshalling the book's many strands is equal to it. Another strength is her command of visual imagery. ONE HAND CLAPPING is like Frankenstein's monster, fashioned out of disparate pieces and vivified by the currents of Leroux's quirky imagination into an intelligent whole."

Times Literary Supplement

"Engrossing, character-driven ... remarkably affecting."

Time Out

"An understatement to say this Canadian writer's first novel is unusual ... she ingeniously develops a complex fantasy of the future. Original, and ably mixing realism and magic, it makes aborbing reading."

Day By Day